Thursday, June 9, 2011

Potted Tomato Plants from The Rake

Continuing our garden theme from the Summer issue of Pure Green Mag, I couldn't resist posting this adorable and very well-done video on raising vegetables in potted plants from Cloud Raker, a Montreal ad agency. The first in the series is the potted tomato, featuring a good friend of PGM, Marie-Eve Best of Lake Jane! Here's what they had to say on the matter (I loved the download too - it includes a little trick using eggshells I didn't know!!)
“We Rakers were certainly convinced of the benefits [of gardening] so we started The Potted Farm. What can we say, we love a challenge – and fresh tomatoes. First we enlisted the help of Charles Nock (also a contributor to Pure Green Mag!), local tree doctor, balcony garden guru and plant whisperer, who gave us the full scoop on the perplexities of growing and maintaining tomato plants. Turns out, there’s absolutely nothing mysterious about it. In fact, planting tomatoes is incredibly simple and it’s a great weekend project. There’s no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the tastiest summer salads or green up their outdoor spaces, even in the middle of downtown Montreal. Check out our little how-to video, download this handy little tip sheet and shopping list and turn your balcony into your very own potted farm. ”

Source: The Rake

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