Thursday, September 30, 2010

{vintages & design}: Roman & Williams

While hungrily devouring the latest issue of Vogue Living (Australian Edition), I turned the page onto this dark, moody setting, featuing the design dynamo behind NYC based Roman & Williams.  I knew two things at once: I had found a new favourite, and they have an impeccable eye for integrating vintage/antique peices into their work.  Formerly set designers in the film industry, its no wonder that their designs have a bit of drama.  I love that their work isn't too perfect or pretty, they are lived in, rugged, organic, and moody.  Thought you might enjoy.  These images are from the couple's Montauk summer home.


  1. Wow - check out those hi-gloss black cabinet doors.. I would never have thought to do that in such a rustic space.. talk about drama!

  2. aren't they good? Thanks for commenting!

  3. Beautiful! I love the white walls and black window frames - gorgeous!



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