Friday, July 16, 2010

{eco} design: Jatana Interiors

I am finding so many inspiring Australian homes right now....they know what they're doing down there!  Among those is Sonya Marish, the creator behind Jatana Interiors, whom I stumbled across on one of my favourite blogs, Design Files, and while I try and keep the content here on Pure Green organic and original, I just couldn't resist sharing her here too. 
Be not afraid of colour....if you need proof, look no further.  I couldn't imagine a cozier family home, with so much life and personality to boot!  As if her gorgeous home wasn't enough, Sonya also collects and reproduces the most amazing encaustic tiles - add instant, timeless impact. 

loving the salvalged wood look with all the painted wood.  can't beat the character

above & below are examples of her BEAU-TI-FUL tiles... i want for my home please.

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  1. Hello Pure Design! I really like your blog and magazine, look forward to more issues. This post especially caught my attention, I love the color and design of the above home. I agree with you, the colorful touches and tiles are just perfect. My favorite touches are the area rug in the kitchen, along with the colorful chandelier in the hallway. Great inspiring ideas. Thanks for sharing! :)



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