Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding, Part 2

So, I promised yesterday that there would be more to come...actually, we had our heart set on NOT having a tent, but as the day drew nearer, it seemed less and less likely that the sun would be shining, so we were forced to source one out. As it turns out, a blue and yellow 'circus' tent was all we could find - not my first choice - but as it turns out I ended up loving it! It had personality to spare, and the tent gave the event a feeling of intimacy that would have been lacking otherwise (also, it gave me an excuse to decorate a little more!).

{the tent from afar}

{we strung old-school x-mas lights, ( you should've seen me on the ladder!) which were sooo lovely - they aren't so eco, but they were borrowed, so that makes up for it. the best feature is that we wound them down the center pole, and then tied on a huge bundle of bullrushes. with the lights shining through it was absolutely perfect. i have to thank my buddy dan for this.}

{a close up of the bullrushes}

{inside the tent. the picnic tables - borrowed from our friends - were very eclectic. none of them matched...there was a green one, a red one, a purple one....i loved it!}

{the centerpieces - again keeping with our eco theme. we didn't want to buy anything that would have to be thrown out, so rather then buy vases, i collected tin cans and covered them with a pretty, recycled paper. i bought the flowers at the grocery store, snipped some hostas from the garden, and did all the arrangements myself, with some help from my mom, my new mom-in-law and my aunt. one of my favourite moments.}

{the tables. very simple. the wine was spectacular, a very appreciated wedding gift from jonathan's aunt and uncle, who import wine from all over the world.}

{jonathan working on the bbq. all the meat was free-range, organic, locally sourced.}

{the food...mmmm....a beet salad, fresh tomatoes, a wild rice & grape salad, corn on the cob, pork and chicken. we used tree trunks from dead fall to dress up the table.}

{ xoxo }

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  1. Hello,
    I added your blog to my blogroll long ago and I am happy that you returned! I like your wedding photos very much! I like the simplicity and you looked beautiful! Congratulations! Monika



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