Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Left Over DIY - 11 Wallpaper Projects

Ever wonder what to do with the little scraps of wallpaper left-over from a remodel? Maybe you found some great vintage paper in your grandmother's attic? These projects add a little graphic punch to any room, while making the best of waste!
Create a little privacy, or fold it behind the bed for an instant headboard.

Get some discarded plates from a thrift store and update them instantly.

Frame it.
(from AT)

Create custom wastebaskets or magazine holders.
(from Parents)

Adhere paper to plexiglass for easily cleaned but graphic placemats.
(From Parents)

Adhere to glass coasters for instant style.
(From Martha Stewart Living)

Love this one. Make one for each member of the house.
(From Martha Stewart Living)

(From Martha Stewart Living)

This one is classic.
(From Country Living)

Original and Bold.
(From Ferm Living)

Add interest to anything at all.
(From Design*)

* For another wallpapered beauty, check out Barb Blair from Knack tomorrow on Pure Green Living.

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  1. man these are good finds!

    Love the stairs...... and the chest of drawers... of course!

    Lookng forward to tomorrow! xo

  2. I want to do that to my stairs - awesome!!!

  3. I think the stairs are great too - you can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want!

  4. thank you for always sharing the green!


  5. where did you get that adorable blue contact paper for the drawers on the blue dresser? SO cute.. I'm looking for some for a piece I'm restoring and am having a hard time finding unique contact/wall paper like that. Thanks!

  6. sorry for the delayed response - the paper you are interested was a vintage paper. If you are looking for a current version that is similar, Mod Green Pod is a green company that makes non-toxic, PVC-free wallpaper and fabric. Their prints are whimsical but modern. I love them. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading PGD!

  7. Awesome ideas! Love them!
    :^) patsy



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