Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get to Know Pure Green! Anile Prakash

In today's Get to Know Pure Green post we're introduced to Anile Prakash, PGM's Design Director.  Anile, also the woman behind Girlfriday, is responsible for PGM's unique new look and logo, which you will get to experience in full May 24.  She's full of passion, and one talented lady! Be sure to visit her brand new site to get a better idea of what she can do.  AND, there couldn't have been a better day to introduce Anile, because today is her BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Anile, from all of PGM!!! We love you!

Hi Anile! Please Introduce Yourself
Howdy! I'm a born and bred Montrealer - I love Montreal! I live in a cozy apartment with my beloved husband Christian, dog (Panda) and two cats (Slinky and Blue). We have poured our hearts into renovating our place and are really proud of our hard work. I run a happy little design studio called Girlfriday - my days are filled with graphic design, illustration and web design. I'm absolutely thrilled to be Pure Green's design director and I can't wait to share what we've been working on!

What will you always remember?
The kindnesses of family and friends. I wouldn't be where I am today without it. I am a blessed, blessed girl and I will never forget it.

Favourite past time?
Oh that's hard. Relaxing at home, eating good food, watching a favourite movie or an old Law & Order (Lennie Briscoe forever)... sun-strolling through town... dreaming of future road trips... planning our next reno... how many favourites do I get?

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
I would absolutely love to learn the art and techniques of letterpress printing.

What does living green mean to you?

To me, living green means making the effort (within your means) to be respectful of what you're taking and of what you're giving back - whether it's with food, products, or lifestyle. Added bonus: making adjustments to the way you live can lead to wonderful discoveries and better quality of life! For example, we subscribe to a vegetable basket every summer - initially I wanted to try it out of a sense of responsibility, but quickly discovered how beneficial and wonderful it was to eat delicious, freshly-picked, hazard-free local produce, get more creative in the kitchen, and build a relationship with a farmer and his family. It's been amazing.


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  1. We loved having a C.S.A. veggie basket last year - it introduced us to alot of new varieties and we came up with tons of new favorite recipes! I would recommend it to anyone!



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