Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Never Before Seen... Hindsvik Part 2

As promised, welcome to part two of the unpublished Hindsvik shots.  If you didn't catch part one see it here, and here's a little re-cap: You may remember Daniel & Valeria's home from PGM Issue 3, the duo behind the infamous Hindsvik (be sure to check out Valeria's vintage purse collection on the blog this week!).  Their home is a veritable treasure-trove of vintage delights, which made shooting the details so much fun!  In fact, there were too many to post in one go... follow up post to come soon!  Enjoy these goodies, never before seen.

All photos were taken by and are copyright Erin Monett of EverImages

1 comment:

  1. What makes it so beautiful is their uniqueness. The pieces are really creative, too! Thanks for sharing. :)



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