Monday, March 22, 2010

{eco} style: Coco Eco Magazine

Happy Monday!  I really love my job, so Monday's make me happy, as does a new week of stories for Pure Green.  I'm kicking this one off by introducing to you Coco Eco Magazine.  If this is old news to you, I'm apologize for the repetition.  To me, however, this is a totally new find that I am radically in love with!  Coco Eco is like Vogue for green girls: fashion, beauty, great green stuff, even celebrities grace the lovely virtual (Coco Eco is only available a tree or two) pages.  You can feast your glam apetite and still be green. However, I feel it's important to mention that the ladies at Coco Eco really know their stuff... they address greenwashing, point out that buying more stuff is not a solution, and stress that we vote for a green economy every time we spend an organic, fair trade dollar:

"Unbeknownst to us, we have enormous power and it’s not through petitioning local government. It’s women who buy the groceries, clothing, household items, skincare, and make-up, even cars. Need I go on? Through our choices we have enormous purchasing power and the ability to shift standards and implement change. Influence more stringent regulations in the everyday items that affect our lives. Commit to a healthier standard of living. Money is power and we spend a lot of it so it makes sense to start spending it well. And it comes with the additional bonus of whilst helping the planet; it’ll be good for you too. Don’t kid yourself that those pesticides in your skinny jeans are only bad for our water supply?
We’re not suggesting you accumulate new eco-friendly things to replace the conventional items you already own. In fact, quite the opposite! Being eco aware calls for a review on how we’re living and how we’re spending. Take inventory of your life and choose what you can live without, and be brutal with yourself. Realize that everything you purchase came from somewhere and has to go somewhere. And in that new space, start choosing something positive. Make your money count and put it back so it can reap more. Recycle, reuse, restore, and reinvent. Purchase organic. Support local, sustainable and fair trade. Get creative! And don’t get overwhelmed! Even if you only do one or two things, it all counts."
Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief
Coco Eco Magazine

So, sit with a cup of fresh, organic & fairtrade cuppa joe, and enjoy.  And hey, the plus side to being behind on catching up with Coco Eco, you have 10 glorious issues to browse through!  Next issue coming in May.

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