Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{eco} design: Paul Massey

Paul Massey is so brilliant, I'm sure you've seen him before, in fact, he's been mentioned on PGD before, and if you're a fan of Living Etc., you'll have seen some of these photos before.  However, that said, I wanted to feature more of his work because it is so beautiful, but also as a study in eco design.  While I have no idea if the projects he's shot are eco, I do know that eco decorating principles can easily be applied.
First, is minimalism.  The spaces shown are simplistic in nature, but don't lack warmth or personality.  The lesson, you don't need more stuff to create a considered home.  Work with what you have, downsize, or keep your eye out for the ONE perfect thing, without letting your impatience get the better of you.

The second principle is the use of natural materials, like this bed, the rough dresser, the pine floors, the seagrass floor pillow, the linen on the bed.  Not only are these materials renewable, they create a chic and organic appeal.  The use of pale colours also showcases the raw appeal of the wood.

Again, natural wood siding is allowed to age naturally.

Making a feature of firewood is one of my favourite tricks.

The last principle I wanted to mention was the use of vintage, or repurposed items.  These photos really show that you can have a sense of modernism, calm and balance with your reclaimed peices, without falling into the 'shabby chic' category.

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  1. Love vintage items!Absolutely classy yet utterly charming...the idea of reusing the old pieces and give new life is astonishing!adore the sense of style here.Thanks for sharing.



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