Monday, December 28, 2009

What I Got for Christmas...

You have no idea....I've been admiring and pining for card catalogs for soooo long! Many trips into antique stores, just to see if they have one. I love books, I love carefully considered vintage modern...I've often imagined how perfect one would look in my own home. can't imagine my surprise when, for Christmas I unwrapped a single, lonely, beautiful drawer, along with the recipe for the 'perfect man' (lol!) written on a recipe card. I jumped with excitement, afraid to suspect that perhaps this drawer had brothers and sisters. Lo and behold, it does.....! I have my own library catalogue!!! No more more I just have to figure out what to do with it! I never really gave it serious thought, because until now it was simply a fantasy! And so, with the task of putting it to good use, I looked up a few photos to see if I felt inspired. Here are my favourites....

{Carefully staged and pretty....from Poetic Home}

{utilitarian - see below. this lovely specimen has been used to categorize and organize odds and ends. Away with you, junk drawer! The owner of this piece has everything from tape, ribbon and batteries in hers (see below), carefully arranged, lovingly labelled, safely stowed. Definitely a possibility for mine, however the romantic in me thinks perhaps not. We'll see. from Small Notebook}

{serenely beautiful...this photo kind of reminds me of my house, so finding a home for the catalogue in the dining room might be a possibility. I don't have much space though...although organizing napkins, accessories, candles and tealights and so on might be nice...right now they're all in a mess. p.s. this photo is from Emily Anderson's home, which I really love. Her love for vintage makes it a light shade of perhaps you'll see more soon. from Design Sponge}

{wacky and wonderful...this funtion wouldn't work in my house I don't think. I just liked how bohemian the arrangement is. A type of organized chaos. source unknown - its been kicking around my 'like it' folder too long. sorry.}
So, what do you think? If any of you have any ideas, or if you're lucky enough to have one too and would like to share, please do! Leave a comment or email your photos to
I hope you had a Merry One!

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  1. oh this is so so so very lovely. and so thoughtful to receive as a gift!

    I'm currently wokring on building a beautiful bakery in a building thats over 100 years old. I am now on the hunt for one of my own.....

    oh the things I could store in it
    thanks for sharing!

  2. I cant wait to see it in your home. I would also like to see the insides when youve finished filling it with your nik naks.

  3. pam - thanks for your kind words, and good luck on your bakery! When you are finished you should send me pictures! It sounds like it will be beautiful. My sister has a passion for baking too - good for you for living your dream!

    deb - always lovely to see a new face on PGD. I can't wait to get it my home either, and I will relish every little thing I put in it!!

    xo Celine

  4. Niiiiice!! :) So did J make it for you or did he buy it?

  5. Hey V - He bought it - its over a hundred years old so... I'll post a picture once its set up to my liking! Hope you had a very merry one! We'll see you soon,



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