Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspired Living: The Burning House

Laura Pritchett, Artist

You know how every so often you feel yourself going through a bit of an evolution? Style, personality, likes/dislikes, food, music, fashion.... whatever it may be, every so often you just have to re-invent yourself! Well besides the fact that this is currently happening to me, when I came across this site - The Burning House via one of my FAVOURITE new to me blogs called The Wonderlust Journal, it brought that sense of examining what defines you. I immediately zoned in and felt I needed to explore more thoroughly The Burning House site. The premise of the site is centered on the possesions you would take should your home be in flames. While, as Elizabeth at Wanderlust points out, the following images are partially an exercise in styling, they are also a unique window into the life of someone you don't know. A hint of voyeurism and a sense of intimacy fell over me as I examined each photo, mulling over in my mind what significance these particular objects have and the stories they tell. I also love that it's a tribute to what you already own, rather than a constant barrage of what's new & must have. Maybe this inspires you. It did me. (You may recognize a few of the faces...)

Hannah Queen of Honey & Jam

Henning Heide, German Photographer

Louie McPherson, Graphic Design Student
Tara O'Brady of SevenSpoons

Many more to see via The Burning House.


  1. What a cool concept! I'm off to get lost in their website right now!

  2. I love what this guy is doing, so so cool :)



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