Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get to Know Pure Green! Kirsten Grove

You will know Kirsten from issues 2-4 as our fabulous Before & After Editor, as well as the author behind the well known blog Simply Grove.  Her ingenuity and creativity makes giving discarded objects a new lease on life a cinch! In our new issue she's creating something special for the backyard... the rest is still a secret, until May 24 that is!! 

Please introduce yourself.
Hi lovely readers! My name is Kirsten Grove and I am a contributor for Pure Green Magazine. You can find me most days being a Interior blogger/stylist/designer. My two main jobs is wife to Shane and mommy to Ethan and Eden Jo. We live right outside of Boise Idaho. I moved to Boise from Seattle, 12 years ago. At first it was a bit of a culture shock but I have come to love this city! We have a great art and design community. Our downtown, though smaller, has some of the yummiest cafes, stylish boutiques and events happening all of the time. This last year, I reclaimed furniture at a boutique, Brass Razoo, in Nampa Idaho, 20 min outside of Boise. The whole experience of reclaiming furniture taught me the art of beauty. You can take the most hideous object, put some love into it and create a gorgeous work of art. Though I loved it, working as a carpenter took its tole on me. I will still work on pieces here and there but not full time. Right now I am on focusing freelance styling and designing as well as running my blog, Simply Grove, that I started almost 4 years ago. 

Favorite all-time memory?
Meeting my son and daughter for the first time. Both of them were adopted at birth and both have beautiful stories. I will never forget the feeling when I held them for the first time. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

If you could do anything, you would...
Travel the world for one year with my family. I watched a program on TV where the whole family saved up funds for a few years to be able to travel the world for one full year. Their youngest was around 6 years old. I thought to myself that if they could do it, we certainly could too. Both my kids love to travel. I think the experience would be amazing!

Favorite movie?
Hmmmmm. Probably, Little Women. I am a sucker for the old version with Elizabeth Taylor and the new version.

What does living green mean to you?
For me its not being wasteful with what we have been given. I am trying to teach my kids to use exactly what they need and no more. It sometimes feels like baby steps, teaching your kids to be kind to our planet but everything helps!

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