Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Fresh Face for 2010, Part 2 + GIVEAWAY!

First off, I must apologize for being tardy with part 2, I was expecting to have this to you by Sunday! So, I said I'd share what I've found with you... I'm sure by now you've heard about mineral make-up. Its been gaining popularity since the seventies, but growth has been slower here in Canada, so I'm fairly new to it. But I'm hooked. I must warn you though, not all mineral products are created equal. Before you buy, here are a few things to consider:
1. If it's pressed, don't buy it. There are chemicals in it to make it that way.
2. Always, always read the ingredients. Quo, a brand of mineral make-up, for example, has parabens in some of its products. Like I said yesterday, just because it says natural, don't necessarily believe it.
3. Take time to look into the brand of make-up you're interested in. The source of the minerals is important. If they were cheaply purchased, they may have come from a contaminated source. Also, processing of the minerals is important. You don't want all sorts of chemicals added during this process. Talking to the manufacturer is likely the only way to get this information.
4. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, typical ingredients in mineral make-up, have been contended over the years. There is some concern that if the particles are too finely ground they are absorbed into your skin. There is also a good deal of contamination and poor quality minerals. Again, make sure you trust your brand. If these two ingredients are of very good quality and pure, they are actually beneficial, as they will protect your skin against the sun.
5. Lastly, price - mineral make-up ranges from under $10 to over $50. Make sure you really research the market well to find the best possible product for you, and find someone really knowledgeable to help you.
I've been really impressed with a particular brand - a small housebrand located here in Canada, called LUVU Beauty - so much research goes into finding the purest possible minerals. The products are affordable (Foundation $15), easy to use, very long-lasting, look amazing, and feel like naked skin. There is a full range of products, from foundations, powders, bronzers/blush, highlighters, concealers and more, plus a zillion amazing shades of eyeshadow. I originally bought some for my wedding this summer, but I liked it so much I brought it into my eco store, Sustain. Please know, however, that I'm bringing you this product as a result of tons of research, not because I happen to sell it. In fact, I've invited Tira Wootton, the CEO of LUVU, onto Pure Green to guest post about her make-up, bringing you all kinds of tips and tricks. Her debut will be an interview with me, telling you all about how she got started. In the meantime, one of my readers will get a lucky sneak peak into the wondrous world of LUVU Beauty by winning this GIVEAWAY! I'm giving one reader a trio of eyeshadow: a base, an accent and a highlighter to enjoy. To enter: simply leave a comment and the winner will be picked at random. Giveaway open until Sunday, January 10th, and is open only to residents of Canada or U.S. Below is a sample of what you'll be receiving. Also, if you're interested in learning more about LUVU or would like to purchase, email me and I'll consult with you to help you pick the perfect products and I'll also give Pure Green readers 10% off. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. This is such a great information I can't wait to share this with my girls!! I am definetly going to be careful next time I purchase my make-up, I'll be reading every single letter.

  2. I love it! I used to use mineral makeup before my daughter was born... but am realizing now it's been two years (!) since I've worn any. Perhaps it's time to start over and start wearing some again.

  3. BEAUTIFUL stuff! I LOVE supporting Canadian business!

  4. Thank you for all the great info....

  5. Beautiful stuff...

    thanks a bunch!!

  6. I have to disagree about the comment on pressed. You're right that 9 times out of 10 that's true but it's not impossible for a pressed powder to be as healthy as a loose powder.

    Two examples:
    1) Pur minerals ... their pressed foundation has similar ingredients to many of the loose formulations and don't have parabens and most of the other nasties. They rate a 2 in cosmeticsdatabase.com (I had to log into my account and enter in the ingredients to get that info) which is what most good mineral makeup ends up rating. Don't let them fool you though, other products in their line aren't as good (I was seriously disappointed in their bronzer.)

    2) I pressed loose mineral powder using a mix of vodka (distilled alcohol of some sort will evaporate off faster than water) and a tiny amount of jojoba oil (it's a natural liquid wax, using a tiny amount allowed it to stay put once dry without it seriously changing the application.) I tried pressing without the jojoba oil but it didn't work as well on most of my mineral eye shadows.

    Pur Minerals has the healthiest foundation that matches my skin tone to date at the very least. I like Everyday Minerals as well but I got tired of mixing the colors to get something that worked well.

    Anyway - interested in trying other mineral brands because there are huge differences amongst the various companies out there. cosmeticdatabase.com can't take into count the quality and purity of an ingredient but it is a good basic resource.

  7. Oooo such lovely colors!!
    Happy new Year and thanks for the chance to win something lovely!

  8. I'd love to win, thanks for the chance


  9. I'm always looking for more natural products.


  10. I love mineral makeup. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. i put off buying mineral makeup for so long, now i'm totally addicted

  12. Very helpful info..I love mineral makeup

  13. i m so glad to come across your post!!! saved me so much time to do the research myself!!!

    never known the brand i have been using is now considered to be "moderate hazard" by skin deep database... eekkk... i have always thought it was one of the best..

    looking forward to read more about LUVU beauty products
    - sharon

  14. I haven't tried much mineral makeup because I get so overwhelmed at the store by too much information (and as you mentioned, too little information like they don't exactly advertise that parabens are in there)! So this is helpful. The colours you chose for the giveaway are so pretty, too. I'd love to try them out.

  15. Hi Guys - I'm glad that so many of you has found this information helpful. If you've any special requests, reseach is my thing so just let me know what you're interested in.

    I just wanted to respond quickly to Hilary's comment - I asked the CEO of LUVU Beauty about pressing mineral cosmetics, and here is what she said:
    -You can press minerals naturally (my apologies), but, most small companies don't because its a very labour intensive process that adds cost to the product, and thus to you.
    -Secondly, while natural alchohols (which is used as a binder), are indeed available, chemcically based ones are cheaper and more available; the law does not require that you state on the label which type of alcohol was used, so you have no way of knowing. Alcohol can also have a drying effect on your skin.
    -Lastly, while Skin Deep is a great resource, it is limited because the manufacturers put the ingredients of their products in themselves. So, if possible, always double check the ingredients to make sure there aren't any suspicious ommissions.

    One final note - I checked out Pur Minerals' website, and noticed that they used bismuth oxychloride; I didn't mention this in my post, but this is popping up more as a binder and filler, and has been found to be a severe skin irritant in some people. Just something else to keep in mind - although I'm glad you've found a product you like; there are many great ones out there.

  16. Great post! I'd love to try this. Thanks for the chance!!
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  17. Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to try this! Please enter me.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  18. Pur Minerals is not perfect but it's really still some of the best I've found. Even in the purer loose brands though I still haven't found one that matches my skin tone without mixing it with something else which has been part of my frustration.

    Glad you're getting this info out to the world though and doing such thorough research.

    Another issue with cosmeticsdatabase.com is that sometimes formulations change. I have two of one type of burt's bees product with completely different ingredient lists (both good but very different ingredients.) They aren't great about getting that info updated in the database (plus what if you have some of the older batch that's still good.)

    For anyone interested in pressing their own powders, you can also use water instead of alcohol, most people don't do it though because it just takes forever to dry. Some colors you could bake or use a food dehydrator but it might change the color (lower temps are better.)

  19. Thanks for the information! I would appreciate being included in the drawing. Thanks.



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