Thursday, October 29, 2009

Style me Green

Welcome to the new Pure Green. As I promised, I'm starting anew, with weekly columns. Ordinarily, 'Style me Green' will appear on Mondays, but I'm excited to bring it to you, so here it is. 'Style me Green' is an effort to express how great you can look while being good to the planet. This look is great for fall - a casual rugged look, good for sipping café au lait at your favourite café, or meeting the girls for lunch.

1. Boho Earrings: etsy
2.Organic Kharma Bootleg: Loomstate Organic
3. Organic Abigail Jacket: Loomstate Organic
4. Janice Boot: Terraplana
*Note: an eco warrior, the janice boot features vegetable tanned leather, a recycled quilt back panel, eco memory foam for added comfort, and a recycled rubber heel!
5. Recycled Leather Toad Tote: Baggage
*Note: these unbelievably cool bags are made with old leather jackets by a Toronto designer

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