Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Own Backyard...

Okay, so it's been a while! I've been told many times how much work it is to start your own business, but until you've lived it, I don't think you can realize just how true that is! It's amazing...time seems to funnel down some black hole in my life right now...but I'm loving every minute. I wanted to make my first post back on the job about the store, but its just not quite there yet. We're open and all, but I'm waiting for some key things to arrive so I'm going to hold off sharing it with you for a few more days.......

Don't you love when you discover something totally amazing in your own 'backyard' that you never could have dreamed was there? This is exactly what's happened to me. Opening a new business has been great, I've met so many people. Of them is North on 60, a fantastic company that specializes in green design and construction. They are one of a handful of companies that are certified as FSC Recycled - an international designation that means their materials come from a previous life. How amazing!

These guys do a little of everything, from furniture, design, new builds or renos...but what struck me most was their sophisticated style with more than a little European flair. A little steel, a little reclaimed wood... call it 'urban rustic' if you will, and to make it even better, its green. It describes my design sense perfectly, which must be why I'm so attracted to them! Perhaps they say it best:

"Waste Not.
They're two words we have always lived by at North on Sixty.
Our business spans the entire life cycle - from forest management, to design/build, to restoration, and everything in between. We're involved every step of the way because our philosophy is fundamentally holistic - and frankly, we love it all.
Ultimately, minimizing waste is about creating harmony between people and their environment - which is the guiding principle in all that we do."

See for yourselves:

{This table came from that barn!}

{Here are some other designs - this one is my favourite!}

{but this one is pretty amazing too}

{These kitchens are pretty darn remarkable too...}

{in keeping with their waste not mantra, check out the before and after on this one}

How amazingly wonderful was all that?!

Excuse the long post, but I had a major itch in my fingers, so to speak. In other words, I'm glad to be back. Also, this post about local talent has inspired me to feature some of the other great stuff in my backyard. A reader challenged me to feature other great green design and businesses from the area, so if you're reading this now...keep reading in the next few weeks for more. And of course, don't miss out the unvailing of Sustain. Eco Living Store!

Until tomorrow.

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